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She Can Do Hard Things

She's the High Priestess, quietly keeping her wisdom to herself until just the right moment to act; nothing moves forward without her blessing. She's The Empress in all her glory awaiting the birth of new life; nothing exists without her. She is The Star, bringing the sweet alchemy of her awareness up from the depths of her soul to exuberantly support your creativity; your success depends on her. She is each of the four Queens of the Court; chaos looks to her for order. She is the Nine of Pentacles telling you - "Enough!"; it is time to reap what you have sown. Sometimes she is The Fool, barging ahead into the unknown in faith, trusting her own instincts. Sometimes she acts the King; standing her ground and insisting on justice for all. She is The Hermit, and knows when it is time to light the way for others.

She is YOU, and she is me. We will still be becoming tomorrow.