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And You Will Live to Tell About It...

"I die so many deaths each day, what does it matter which of them is real?" - Anias Nin

This is not about the Death card - it's about The Hanged Man. One of my favorite cards in the deck, the Hanged Man brings priceless gifts. He is one of the "transformation" cards. I teach that there are five of what I call the "transformation" cards. In truth, the entire deck is a perfectly designed system for personal transformation. But there are five cards that signify you are in the throes of a huge life shift. You didn't choose it, because no one is ever ready. It chose you.

When the Hanged Man shows up, be sure you are facing an uninvited awakening, the likes of which will render you astonished, shaken, and it will take some time to integrate this. You have had a shock.

As there is always GOOD news to be had anytime you pick up a tarot deck, rest assured you are on the way out of this squeeze you have been feeling. You will recover, you will live to tell about this time - but you will never be the same. Your spirit has upgraded you to the doctorate program in the school of life. Up until now you had been living under the constraints of false beliefs that no longer serve you, and you have just been loosed.

You have been living too close to the edge for too long, hanging on for dear life, fighting for survival. You've had it. And now the Hanged Man shows up to tell you that life is giving you a second chance, a chance at an expanded future.

But there is a catch: life isn't all about you anymore. You are shown your gifts, and you are expected to share them.

The best analogy I've ever heard for the Hanged Man is in the myth of the Celtic god Odin. Hunting for his family's sustenance he becomes entangled in the vines of the Yggdrasil tree. He hangs for days, and near death from dehydration and exposure, he slips in and out of consciousness. The trees and animals, and even the rocks below him begin to talk to him in his delirious hallucinations. He is fluid-ing between states of reality. And he sees the stones illuminated with symbols. He understands the meaning of this great knowledge. Finally the tree drops him, and in the weeks and months of his recovery back to health and life, he shares what he saw. It becomes not only the Celtic alphabet, but the first written language of the earth.

The metaphor tells us that we no longer live fighting for survival. We have a unique language that was given us at birth. We can express things in an individual way, like no other. AND WE MUST. This is our gift to our community, to our culture, to the world. We can't hide any longer. We have something to say...and it is radically challenging to our old paradigm.