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...on the road to enlightenment, I'm taking the local...

"Nothing can happen to you which is not a manifestation of your own state of consciousness." - Alan Watts

When I first read those words back in 1972 they hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew they were true. As I scribbled with my crow quill pen an intricate forest scene, I wrote that quote at the bottom. And carried it around with me for years. I really wanted to GET it...but I didn't get it. Because we don't. Because The Fool is born innocent, not self aware. We enter the world around us curious and naive, and if we are fortunate we remain curious as we merge tenuously onto that highway toward self development and maturity.

Eventually, through hardship and struggle, we become increasingly conscious and realize that we cannot fix our life from the outside in. Every upset is a set-up; it's an inside job. In hindsight I can see that my life has been divinely lead every step of the way - although I imagine a lot of frustrated angels and ancestors rolling their eyes throughout the years.

"I do not see the world as it is; I see the world as I am." - Anais Nin