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Sick of Being Afraid All the Time...Welcome the Devil

The Devil card has been showing up a lot of late. It scares people when they first see it; it's ugly. It IS ugly. Sometimes, life is ugly. It smells putrid and feels like hell...we are subject to sickness and loss and addiction and struggle and shame. I'm so tired of being afraid all the time. Aren't you?

The Devil is one of the five "transformation" cards. We are transforming, we are metamorphosing. Do you suppose the caterpillar knows what a butterfly is? Do you imagine it has any inkling of it's potential beauty? Or the freedom of flight? Neither do we, and so we make decisions and enter into relationships that SEEM full of promise. We love the new job. The baby is healthy. The new love is exhilarating. Until the boss corners us, the baby is diagnosed with leukemia, the love goes back to their ex...we are brought to our knees.

Life is freaking hard. I'm not going to tell you otherwise. The Devil comes to tell us that although this recent time has been arduous and painful, it is getting better from here on out. Hang on, Leia, the Jedi forces have arrived. Jabba will make the mistake of turning his back on you.

Your intentions were pure. Your perspective, however, was obstructed with the unconsciousness of codependency - and you were caught in the spider's web. Things got sticky.

In 7 Insane Keys to Practical Magic, Carolyn Elliot reminds us that we cannot always be in control of circumstances...but we CAN change them, shift them, heal them - having first accepted the truth of what is. We must be willing to face the hardship head on, willing to rise to the challenge, not accepting the victim role. Steel yourself and don't back down now. Turn and face the dragon and tell him he shall not pass.

The Devil tells us the worst is over. Things will never be the same; they will never be what we THOUGHT they would be. Life will shake us to our core. And we will rise again and again, and again, and each time we are willing to regroup and make the best of the cards we were dealt, the Devil is decommissioned. He has no dominion in heaven, in your right-minded-ness...you are hard-wired for truth, for love, for divinity.